5 Reasons To Add CBD To Your Supplement Routine

Several exploratory studies have been carried out investigating CBD’s anti-cancer properties. 

Much of this research is positive and you can find the details of these studies on the National Cancer Institute’s website. 

What they say in short is that CBD: “may have protective effects against the development of certain types of tumors.”

The method of action used by CBD to prevent tumors is thought to be due to CBD’s ability to kill tumor cells, by inhibiting tumor cell growth and by inhibiting the spread of cancer cells.

One study suggested that its findings were due to CBD’s ability to turn off the gene involved in the spreading of breast cancer to the rest of the body.

While the anticancer effects of CBD and THC are exciting, we are still early. 

Much more clinical research is needed before conclusions can be made.

At CBD School, we do not recommend the use of cannabinoids in place of conventional cancer therapy. 

Please always speak to your doctor before using CBD.


CBD has multiple beneficial effects when consumed by us humans. 

This article only touches on 5 of the perhaps most interesting benefits of taking a CBD supplement.  

There are many other benefits that are more targeted to specific diseases and that went unmentioned in this article because we were looking at general health benefits that would suit most people.

This article is an introduction to the latest super supplement that has mountains of scientific research to back its positive effects (a search for “cannabidiol” on PubMed yields over 1500 results).

A major benefit to most consumers is CBD’s low key side effect profile and the fact that it is plant-based.

As we have seen above you can start supplementing with CBD supplements to help with your skin, to stabilize your sleep/wake patterns, to reduce cigarette addiction, and to fight depression and anxiety.

Along with many parts of the world coming around to the health benefits of cannabis, the UK has just passed a ruling whereby CBD is now considered a medicine legally in the UK and it will be regulated in that way from now on. 

The benefits of this product are being recognized all over the world with several pharmaceutical companies working on bringing their own versions of CBD products onto the market.

CBD is not snake oil. 

When procured from a reputable supplier you are buying a top grade product that is not going to harm you or give you nasty side effects. 

CBD is increasingly being recognized as a medicine of wondrous effects.

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