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Almost all CBD products you’ll find have gone through the decarboxylation process. 


Because decarbing CBD helps to release most of the therapeutic benefits CBD contains.

Decarboxylation “activates” the CBD in order for consumers to be able to experience all of its therapeutic properties.

Simply put, decarboxylation of CBD is necessary to get the most out of the beneficial cannabinoid.

That being said, there are some benefits to non-decarboxylated CBD and other cannabinoids as well.

Let’s take a deeper look. 

While CBD has been studied much more widely than CBDA, there are some brands that offer both “raw” (or non-decarboxylated) CBD and “regular” CBD (decarboxylated).

Both Bluebird Botanicals and Endoca, two of our favorite CBD brands, offer products with raw, non-decarboxylated CBD (CBDA).

There has been increased research on the acidic form of many phytocannabinoids, with evidence showing that CBDA contains benefits of its own.

Just like CBD, CBDA is non-psychoactive, meaning it won’t get you high.

Studies indicate that CBDA has beneficial therapeutic effects when taken by itself or with other cannabinoids. Some of these benefits include:

As you can see, CBDA has shown to have some benefits of its own.

One of the best ways to harness the benefits of these raw cannabinoids is through juicing

Most people don’t have access to CBD rich cannabis flowers, however, which is why more companies have started to offer an option for “raw” CBD oil.

Seeing that both non-decarboxylated CBD and decarboxylated CBD both contain therapeutic benefits, a product that blends both has the potential to offer increased benefit. 

This is why some companies now offer products that contain both CBD and CBDA in a 1:1 ratio.

Check out BlueBird Botancials and Endoca CBD to find products which offer both CBD and raw CBD (CBDA).

How is CBD Decarboxylated?

When it comes to decarboxylation, temperature is everything.

Remember that heat is what causes the decarboxylation process to take place, and while a lower temperature may take longer, it’s actually something that’s preferred.


Decarbing CBD (and THC) at lower temperatures allows for the preservation of terpenes.

Terpenes, responsible for giving cannabis its aroma and flavor, also contain therapeutic benefits of their own. 

Terpenes also work in harmony with CBD and other cannabinoids to increase their overall effects.

Want to try to decarb cannabis on your own? 

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