#1298: Ideal Caloric Surplus to Put on Muscle, Must Have

* The Mind Pump Truckee garage workout. (6:10)
* The latest updates on gyms reopening. (12:33)
* Joe Rogan x Spotify. What this means for the podcast medium. (13:52)
* The big news over at TikTok. (20:08)
* Fun Facts with Justin. (23:20)
* Weird Science with Sal. (24:40)
* The mental component of self-isolation and sudden changes. (26:19)
* How change can drive innovation, the drawbacks of working from home & MORE. (29:18)
* Cannabis and the coronavirus. (34:42)
* Mind Pump Shout Out’s. (36:06)
* #Quah question #1 – What is the best supplement or remedy for joint pain? I have been running a lot more on the street and have been experiencing some knee pain. (41:23)
* #Quah question #2 – With all the uncertainty around gyms reopening, everyone is investing in at-home gyms to progress their fitness during these challenging times. What, in your opinion, are the must-have pieces of equipment for an at-home gym? What should someone expect to spend? (46:50)
* #Quah question #3 – In your experience, what’s the most effective weekly caloric surplus when trying to put on weight and muscle? (53:10)
* #Quah question #4 – What’s your take on doing a weekly 24-hour fast? I like to do a monthly 48-hour fast as it is, but I’d like to consider doing a 24-hour weekly fast to reset and get things flowing better for the rest of the week. (57:00)

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60% Of America’s CFOs Don’t Expect A Return To Normal Until At Least 2021

Canadian scientists are testing whether compounds in marijuana can prevent coronavirus from ‘hijacking’ human cellshttps://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-8341213/Canadian-scientists-testing-marijuana-compound-prevent-coronavirus-infection.html

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The #1 Movement Pre-Requisite To Building Six-Pack Abs

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