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I’m not trying to be the police of the vape community here, just trying to be helpful and share some things that have helped me over the years. In addition to being “fired up” about this, we also have to be tactful and as informed as possible.

I’m on your team, i’ll have your back. We can not get lazy, we can not get quiet. We are making some real changes here in the USA. If we want this country to be better, we have to be better.

vaping will win, Links are only on Youtube, because Instagram sucks gluten free dildos

Helpful links, use em

Find your representatives

Original RCP Report on tobacco harm reduction

New England Journal Of Medicine

Vaping reverses COPD – 3 year study

More vaping and COPD

UK urges everyone to keep vaping

Vaping Myths by Public Health England

Clearing up some myths around e-cigarettes

Popcorn Lung

3 1/2 year study of never smokers / never vapers

Dank Vapes / THC Vitamin E Acetate

Arizona GOV NOT in favor of a flavor ban

Governor not in favor of banning flavored vaping liquids

Greek Study

CNN article from 2018 showing less harm

Overall interesting article about anti vapers and anti vaxers

MSA Payments to states

MSA Tobacco Bonds

Harm reduction from the Heartland institute–commentary-washington-e-cigarette-tax-will-vaporize-tobacco-harm-reduction

Dr Farsalinos – E-cigarette research

A 6 week study on smokers

Vaping’s effectiveness

expert reaction to study of smoking cessation aids

Vaping and brain damage

Is Vaping ‘Linked’ to Brain Damage, Narrow Arteries, and Lung Damage?

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