British American Business Council of New England’s Young Professionals Group
LUNCHTIME WEBINAR: How are you holding up?
International lunchtime chat and live-stream on staying productive and conducting business in challenging times
Thursday, March 26th 12 PM (Eastern Time)

Here is the lineup/layout for today’s chat. The format of the talk is in a roundtable-style, feel free to comment and ask questions as we go. Because of the number of people that might attend, I recommend using the “Raise Hand” button in Zoom if people are talking (that will help us to avoid cross-talk). We have two panellists that we proposed questions too. Our questions and their bios are below; I look forward to everyone’s thoughts!

Kim Staats, PhD
LA-based biotech consultant, scientific reviewer and subject matter expert. She identifies and pursues global funding/collaboration opportunities, and performs due diligence for biotechs in ALS, rare diseases, and neurodegeneration. Her work helps to de-risk assets in the progression to clinical trials, patients, and the market. She published 25 peer-reviewed manuscripts, helped to obtain $2M+ in funding and worked with more than ten startups in all stages of development.

Lorenzo Pisoni
Co-founder of PCUP. PCUP is an Italian startup founded in 2018, with $10k capital. Since then, PCUP’s growth has been exponential. $600k+ in funding and around $200k in revenue to date. View the video below to learn more about PCUP:

Proposed Questions:
Have you had experience with working from home in the past?
What’s different now vs before?
What are three things that work for you when WFH? What are three things that don’t?
What is something that has surprised you most about this experience?
What fun story or an anecdote related to your WFH experience can you share?
What have you found out about yourself while working remotely?
What have you learned about others?
How do you maintain a deep focus?
Is it easier now? Or harder?
How do you manage/optimize time?
How do you make sure you stay positive and fun?
What will you do differently when things go back to the new normal?
What new ideas that were sparked by the crisis have you been working on?


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