Brain Fog? What Causes Brain Fog & How Do You

How do you fix brain fog?

We all want to perform like Bradley Cooper in Limitless right? He takes one pill that supercharges his life and allows him to unlock the remaining 90% of his brain.

He could remember everything he’d ever read, could absorb information at an astonishing rate and had near-infinite intelligence.

Surely, this is the dream of every entrepreneur and individual wanting to do something with their life. Unfortunately, NZT-48 is a fictitious drug and most of us are dealing with chronic brain fog.

In this educational video, I will make you aware of what exactly brain fog is, symptoms of brain fog, causes of brain fog, the impacts of an imbalanced limbic system, symptoms of limbic system problems, most common brain fog triggers, why brain fog occurs after eating, the role that sleep, infections, heavy metals, insulin resistance, hormonal imbalances, leaky gut, allergies, anxiety, chronic stress, depression all have in regards to brain fog.

Once I have covered the causes and triggers of brain fog, I shall then educate you on how exactly you can treat, fix and cure brain fog with the use of sunlight, circadian rhythm regulation, exercise, diet and supplementation.

Check out this video on brain fog and let me know down in the comments what your biggest takeaway from this piece of content was!

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I typically work with 6/7/8 figure entrepreneurs, CEO’s and enterprises and I help them to optimise their sleep, nutrition, body, mind, time, and focus.

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