Episode 767: Ben Greenfield Bares All- His Rules for Life,

767: Ben Greenfield Bares All- His Rules for Life, Hacking His Penis, His Family Life, Religion & MORE

In their most revealing Ben Greenfield interview to date, Sal, Adam & Justin touch on coffee enemas, stem cell injections, Ben’s new company Kion (as you would expect) but then move over to more in depth conversation about Ben’s relationship with his wife, parenting, connecting with your soul’s purpose, religion and much more. This was a very relaxed and spontaneous conversation that will suck you in.

I want people to have an experience. Ben opens up on his new brand, Kion, and how it has been received so far. (5:17)
Ben on podcasting, analytics, his wheel space and “What’s hot” on iTunes. (14:15)
Ben’s Rules for Life: His traveling tips, walking after eating and the benefits of hot/cold contrast. (19:15)
Let’s get down to it…the science/process behind the benefits of doing a coffee enema. (31:37)
The “Dick Hacker, Cock Warlock.” The crazy things he has done in the name of science to his lower region. (39:58)
His experience on The Joe Rogan Experience. (49:10)
Ben bares all. His relationship with his wife, being a good father and practices he does to keep homeostasis in the Greenfield Household. (50:40)
Connecting with your soul and finding your purpose. Ben opens up about religion, his experiences with plant medicine and how his community/audience receives his message. (1:05:34)
Looking for the next pretty penny. What scares him when it comes to our future? (1:21:52)

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