Hemp Juice, The Ultimate Immune Boost

This is a very exciting episode. It makes the start of our new series, Launchpad! Throughout our two seasons of the podcast, we have talked to a wide variety of industry veterans. This series differentiates itself from those past episodes by interviewing budding entrepreneurs that are just entering the space. The topics will revolve more around pitching, crowdfunding, and any activity that is central to starting a business. The flow is the same, the guests are just as insightful, and it’s a new series you won’t want to miss!

To mark the start of the new series we have interviewed Lumen, a hemp juice company that provides the ultimate immune boost. By blending hemp, turmeric, curcumin, and ginger they were able to create a nutrient-dense drink that reduces stress and inflammation. With over 17,000 satisfied customers it’s a cold-pressed juice that provides amazing benefits in the relatively new, hemp juice industry.

In this episode of Launchpad, we talked with the founders of Lumen. They shared how they responded to Facebook blocking their marketing campaign, what the Pandemic has been like for their new business, and the importance of just entering the market. It’s an episode you won’t want to miss!

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Start 00:00
00:46 Start of the interview with Lumen
2:06 What made you want to start Lumen
4:33 When did you launch your Indiegogo campaign, and how much did you raise?
5:46 Facebook does not allow you to market CBD or Hemp Products. Now what?
6:36 What’s next when Facebook blocks your ad campaign?
7:52 You just have to get out into the market
8:42 Why did you move to LA?
10:04 What was the next step? Online v. Retail
11:28 You learn to love the feedback
12:53 Where are you today in terms of sales and revenue?
13:37 How did you respond to the COVID-19 pandemic?
15:57 How the pandemic simplified business
17:09 What is your cost?
18:11 Has a decrease in price lead to an increase in sales?
19:04 What’s next?
21:27 What is the science behind Hemp Juice?
25:09 How do we market science to be appealing
26:17 How do you educate your audience?
28:49 The differentiator is what big companies are scared of sharing
29:57 The access to information is changing companies
31:43 Closing

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