Herban Legend in Ft

Worst dispensary I have ever seen. I went in there looking for Purple Urkle, since it is so rare these days and they had some from Mike Tyson Ranch. I met Paula the owner and she showed me an 1/8th ounce jar of the herb and I said to her it smelled like hay, no weed smell at all. She assured me this was due to the fact that the test jar was open for a long time and had lost it’s smell. She said what she sold would be much better.

Turns out she lied. It was identical in smell to the test jar she showed me. So, this was the first major disappointment when I got him to try it. The color is a faded purple with faded green buds as well due to it’s extreme age. Turns out she sold me some out of date garbage that was over a year old at top shelf price for $55.00 and 1/8th.

Worse yet was when I smoked it, it was horrible tasting, not remotely the delicious flavor that well grown indoor Purple Urkle always has. Then once it began to take affect, it made my heart race and pound with rapid irregular beats for almost 2 hours. I laid in bed worried I was going to have a heart attack since the pounding of my heart was so erratic and unstable and it was lasting for so long.

I have all of the weed still and will be having it tested, since we consumers know that 10’s of millions of dollars of cannabis was recalled last year, the very year this low grade and very old garbage she sold me was grown. It is a well known fact that the testing facilities were paid off to pass poisonous weed along to unsuspecting customers, so it was recalled. This low grade tainted herb appears to be from that recall, but it somehow made it through the cracks and was sold with the seller knowing it was poison and not medicine.

To make matters even worse when I went back and asked Paula to show me the Certificate of Analysis, which is required by law, she could not produce the document as she nervously shuffled through a huge stack of disorganized COA’s. I told her I would give her till the next day to produce the COA.

When I got there, Paula was missing and instead I was met by three loud mouthed, ugly and very fat women who started yelling at me that I was trying to sue Mike Tyson to make money and that they had proof that the weed was clean. They expected me to believe test results. Many of the test results were determined to be faked last year. She expected me to buy this test results when the fakery has been well documented this past year. Since they refused to give me a copy of the COA, I could not have any proof of the testing being done and when it was done anyway.

So, the women instead of helping me make the purchase right, offering to refund my money, offering me something in exchange, offering to make it right anyway they could, etc. they began attacking me and said I was “old” and because of that the weed affected my heart with near heart attack symptoms for 2 hours that I described above. LMFAO! This is the best they could do! Attack me, when this has never ever happened in my entire life.

They screamed at me to get out, they did not want my business, since another one of the few customers they get was walking in, though I had no intention of ever doing business with them again after seeing the fraud they are running. They were all so scared and so prepared for my visit it is very obvious they are trying to cover up something. Paula was not there, she was scared when I had her going through the COA’s. So she left her ugly and very nasty thugs to deal with me.

At minimum they are selling old worthless low grade garbage at top shelf price. I have never in my life been so horribly affected by weed, EVER! I truly believe there are poisonous neuro toxins sprayed on this indoor weed. I will be getting it tested and if I find poison, they will have hell to pay and so will Mike Tyson Ranch for selling this toxic filth.

Anyway, about it this is by far the worst experience I have ever had from a dispensary and I urge everyone reading this to avoid this rip off facility. I have also heard from the locals since then, that this place is notorious for it low grade herb sold at top dollar!






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