How to Create A Search Engine optimized Free WordPress Post

How to Create A Search Engine optimized free WordPress Post I take you inside the backend of a free WordPress Post and over to Your Affiliate Dashboard into A Merchant’s Dashboard step by step how to Create A Search E Optimised Post using all the Key Points found in the Yoast Plugin.
The one difference between a Free WordPress and a WordPress you pay for is the ability to use the Plugins and Yoast is an SEO Plugin most used in WordPress. I give you all the key elements found in the Yoast Plugin in the form of a template to follow here are the Steps to Take
Add the Browser Extention Keywords Everywhere
Keywords Everywhere
Go to ShareASale Merchants Dashboard,Go to Affiliate Account Dashboard, Click into Links and Banners.
Choose Merchant
Go to Merchant Dashboard
Check Merchant Terms and Conditions
Commission Rates
Keyword Tools
Check Merchant Keywords copy Merchant Keywords to Notepad
Go over to Google and Research Merhcnat Keywords Chose the Best Ones for the Focus Keyword Phrase
Check Google Keywords see as you are typing in the suggestions that Google is giving you.
Copy the alternate suggestions in the Notepad
Add commas to the Merchant Keywords and the keyword suggestions and phrases
Add Merchant Keywords into the Keyword Tag box located on the right-hand side of the post under the document
Create Hashtags with Merchant keywords and copy and paste Hashtags at bottom of the post
Create Categories with Merchant Keywords, Google Suggestions, and other Keywords and Keyword Phrases
Choose Focus Keyword Phrase(HTML anchor) to be used in the Title Subheadings and Categories and Excerpt, first Paragraph and or Meta Description
Create a Title with Focus Keyword phrase in front and add synonyms or similar relevant keywords.
The viewable limits up to 60 characters (SEO Title not too short not too long) Keyphrase variations or compelling call to action
Focus Keyphrase density recommended at least 2 times to appear in
Keyphrase and synonyms in the higher level subheadings
Create the first Paragraph with Keyword Phrase to Appear at the Beginning.
and Keywords (similar to Excerpt) similar to Snippet (What is seen on Google on desktop and Mobile
The snippet is also Meta Description
Length is 150-155 characters no longer and no shorter.
Create Headings 1 -6 for each short Paragraph
up to 150 words per paragraph
subheading distribution use your keywords
1-6 to break up the post and introduce new relevant ideas
Create a Featured Image at
Edit Image choose alt test and attributes
Custom Dimensions
1200 px x 628- 675 depending on your Theme you use
image alt attributes reflect the top of the text
add keyphrase or synonyms to alt tags of relevant images
Get Merchant Code (Code Compatible with Free Website)
Here are the promotional Merchant Tools
Bookmarklet Tool
Custome Link Generator, Text links, Banners
Anything with Html you can use with a free WordPress Site
4 Outbound Links to same Merchant page,2-4 links to other Merchants
6 Outbound Links (Hyperlinks taking people out of your website)
Create Inbound Links (4), Internal Links (Hyperlinks) pointing back to
different Posts and Pages
Make sure you have enough Content UP to 300 words at min
Transition Words (connecting phrases and paragraphs)paragraph length
text length 150 words
Enhance your readability Score
make it easier for the reader to understand how the thought and the idea are connected
transition words are the glue that holds your text together
What is the Flesch reading ease score?
The Flesch reading ease test measures the readability of a text.
How easy is it for an eleven-year-old child to understand.
Try not to write a description for a college or university student to understand it will score lower on the Flesch Reading Ease Score.
Passive Active Voice
The active voice describes a sentence where the subject performs the action stated by the verb. … In fact, sentences constructed in the active voice add impact to your writing. With passive voice, the subject is acted upon by the verb.
am doing
was doing
Think of passive as being in the past or going to be done
the example relevant to post
YOU GET A Discount Today (Active)
YOU WILL GET A Discount Today(Passive)
consecutive sentences
Make sure to not start your sentences with the same word
You do this
You find this both start with You and need to be corrected
Subheading Distribution
if you have less text fewer subheadings need to be created.
Paragraph Lenght
up to 150 words
Using the Share located in the 3 dots at the end of the post under Posts
you can share to

Using a Gutenberg block Social Icons you can add any other social media icons that are available and then copy the post link and share that way

you can share with all the other Social Media Sites by copying the post link.
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