Is Your Cannabis Packaging Truly Sustainable?

Thank you so much for tuning in to The Green Cannabis Packaging Series! Previously we gave a general overview of the different kinds of green packaging that exist in the cannabis industry and provided a bit of clarity.


The question we are looking to answer is “What is the best option for eco-friendly packaging?”

Truthfully, there is no easy answer. By having these conversations and understanding the problem on a deeper level, whether you’re just starting your cannabis brand or have been in the industry for a while, we can all contribute towards a greener and more sustainable reality for the cannabis industry.

In this second episode, we will talk about the most important factors to consider when evaluating if a green packaging option truly is sustainable. There are a lot of different options on the market and we want to make sure we are making the best decisions. We will talk more about the recycling process and what you need to be thinking about when choosing a material for your cannabis brand’s packaging.

When we think about eco or sustainable packaging, we need to consider what makes something eco-friendly. Is it the base material alone, whether its hemp, ocean plastics, or recycled content? Or should we also be considering the end of life of that packaging and the consumer’s role in making sure it’s successfully recycled? Even if we produce the most sustainable material what if the process of creating that material isn’t energy efficient?

What other factors besides the materials need to be considered?

Here is a short summary:

1. The design or footprint of the jar.
Having a smaller footprint will be more eco-friendly as we are using less material overall. We should be avoiding using unnecessary materials in our packaging.

2. Are materials produced in an energy-efficient way?
When it comes to producing the packaging, we need to keep in mind that the process of creating packaging also has an impact on the environment.

3. Understanding The End of Life.
This is where the consumer comes in. We can make the most recyclable packaging on the market, but the reality is if it never makes it to the recycling plant it makes no difference. And we should also be wary of Wish Cycling. Although their heart is in the right place, consumers often will try recycling non-recyclable plastics which can damage or obstruct the recycling process.

As we dig more into the world of green packaging, we are realizing that industry experts do not only look at the base material. A true determination of whether or not something is sustainable depends on a variety of factors. There are a lot of things to consider. This may seem overwhelming, but we need to make sure we aren’t overanalyzing and doing nothing as a result. Take a deep breath and stick with us,. The point here is to open your eyes to the fact that there is more than one consideration as to what makes something eco-friendly or sustainable when it comes to packaging. In time we will understand more clearly what the right solution is but we have to be patient.

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