JD-8812B Walk Through Infrared Temperature Scanner Machines in Bangladesh

The JD-8812B Walk-Through Temperature Scanner is an accurate and convenient detection Two Door Side Sensor + LED Alert device for detecting human body temperature It uses a non-contact body temperature preliminary screening method, which has a fast detection speed and can prevent personnel from being exposed to cross infection. At the same time, the common 7-inch LCD screen can display the measured temperature. High Precision & Stable performance: Non-contact Temperature Scanner: about 05~10 cm away from the probe, and the forehead/wrist temperature can be detected. LED Display: doorpost light can display alarm zone visually and sound and light alarm at the same time. Detection Sensor: One Door Side Sensor, Detection Alert: LED Alert, Detection Distance: 5 ~ 10cm, Temperature Measurement Module: MELEXIS, Temperature Measurement Range: 30℃~42℃, Temperature Measurement Accuracy: ±0.5℃(Indoor Temperature ), Repeat Accuracy: ±0.2℃, Operating Environment: -10℃ ~ 35℃,Measure Time; 0.5S ~1.5S, Response Time: 0.1S, Display: 7 inch Color Touch Screen, Tunnel Dimension (mm): 2000(H) x 700(W) x 550(D),Whole Dimension ( mm): 2202(H) x 820(W) x 550(D), External Power Supply: 220V 50Hz, Power Consumption: ≤20 watts,Weight: 50 Kg, Optional Function: Metal Detection Function is Optional, High Sensitivity: a piece of coin metal can be detected, and the influence of belt buckles, leathershoes, bras can be ruled out, and more than 200 grams of copper, aluminum, zinc and other metals or controlled knives and guns can be detected. Harmless: Harmless to cardiac pacemaker. Additional Functions: optional remote control can be used to control parameters, reserve switching signals, and can be connected to computers, cameras, three rollers, etc. Application / Used: Government Departments: including courts, hospitals, subways, high-speed rail, prisons, detention centers, labor camps, drug treatment centers, and public security bureaus. Public Places: including schools, gymnasiums, entertainment venues (disc halls, dance halls, etc.), airports, railway stations, bus stations, ports, exhibition halls, museums, banks, oil depots, power stations, etc.
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BME Bangladesh, বি এম ই বাংলাদেশ
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North Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan- 02, Dhaka -1212, Bangladesh..
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BME BANGLADESH (Motijheel Branch)

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Motijheel Circular Road, Dhaka 1000, Bangladesh.
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