Peanut Butter Souffle #Cannabis @StrainReview

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Peanut Butter Souffle #Cannabis @StrainReview

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I’m really glad that you took some time out of your busy schedule to come hang out with us for a little bit while we do this review of something called Peanut Butter Souffle., or as some people might say peanut butter souffle. This particular sample is an outdoor sample. This is a cross of Do Si Dos and Lava Cake. Lava Cake is a Grape Pie crossed with Thin Mint Cookies. It’s very, very dense. You know, you could squeeze it without much give at all. Let us do a bong rip and then we will proceed to the joint.

That bong rip definitely was deeply felt. Very deeply felt. Well, we rolled up one of our typical joints. Now the dry pull on the Peanut Butter Souffle, it’s definitely got that sort of outdoor pineyness to it. I think there’s definitely a pine through it. It’s got a very faint sort of pine minty sort of taste to it

Now this is a collaboration between Finest and Conarado seeds. This is what they put their minds to and came up with the Peanut Butter Souffle. It’s taken us a little while to get this to where we want it in terms of burn, but it is burning nicely now. Nice pull, very smooth draw. The weed is pretty mild in the sense of, I’m not really getting a big flavor from it. It’s really a very smooth smoke. This is outdoor, and it’s very, very nice. The joint, you can see the ring diameter is pretty significant on this joint. So I am enjoying it. The buzz, I can sort of start feeling it creeping in. I’m getting a nice, warm feeling in my belly. Not an edible kind of a feeling, but definitely a cannabis smoked affect. My head is getting a little bit light in a cannabis kind of way. Not in a nausea sort of a way.

I’ve been smoking this on and off for about eight minutes in real time. I’m sure it’s considerably less on the video. It’s really smooth, it’s got a really nice effect so far. I mean, again, I’m only about halfway through the joint, but it is a pretty large doobie.

Ash, really nice and white, very light gray, which connotes to me a really nice flush and or cure. Although organically you don’t really flush. So it’s just really well done. I’m feeling really very, very nice and warm and fuzzy. I don’t know if this is theoretically Indica or Sativa dominant, but it makes me feel the body high of what would be classified as an Indica and I’m feeling sort of sleepy eyed.

So first having centered in my central mass and my torso, the effect has moved to my head and I’m much more elevated in more of an energized kind of a way than I was five minutes ago after first having smoked the joint. It does actually have an interesting flavor when you get down near the bottom. I don’t know if it’s peanut butter, but it’s sort of like a peanut butter candy bar. It’s really weird. I’ve never really thought about it like that, or really ever tasted something like that. But it is very interesting. I like it. It’s good. Outdoor weed, Northern California grown, smooth, super smokible. Very nice herb. Good job, Josh.

Don’t forget to tune into our live streams every evening at 8:00 PM Pacific. If you have any interest in genetics, hit me up at for our full catalog. Until the next one, stay lifted. Roll your bongs, charge your spliffs, and light your vapes everybody. Cheers.
I am a WA State resident with a legal medical authorization to use and grow cannabis for my Crohn’s Disease.

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