Vegan Full Day Of Eating

Join me for a full day of healthy, high protein vegan eats! We also check out a local vegan store to see what delights are available for vegans at Christmas and I get in an epic workout!

00:00 Gingerbread muffins recipe
04:14 Protein yogurt with apple sauce and dried cranberries rehydrated with apple juice
07:47 Exploring vegan Christmas options at Little Shop Of Vegans
09:44 Lunch by Veggie Patch Cafe. Brussels sprouts muffin, orange quinoa, chestnut hummus, parsnip slaw, with tahini drizzle and cranberry sauce.
11:30 EPIC workout
12:44 Gallo Pinto recipe. Delicious Puerto Rican dish of black beans and rice with chilli, lime, coriander and avocado.

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