What is CBD or Hemp Flower? What’s the difference between

In today’s video, we learn a little bit about CBD flower, or Hemp Flower, the most highly concentrated (cannabinoid rich) part of the Industrial Hemp plant.

If you are anything like me, you probably were really hesitant to start using CBD products (even though they have been legal federally for a few years now). Then, once you started using them, and I’m going to assume, you FELL IN LOVE with it, you probably still didn’t know much about the actual plant.

At least, that’s what I sorta hope, because that was 100% me even just a year ago, and it’s been a long road to learn all these things!

In today’s video, I am showing you a little bit about Hemp Flower, or CBD Flower. The flower in this video is courtesy of Martin Farms, a local farm to Chattanooga, TN that does small crop, hand trimmed, all natural farming methods for its Young Sim 10 Industrial Hemp. (these are available at www.thrivehempstore.com)

Industrial Hemp has been legal to grow since 2014, however, it wasn’t until this past couple of years that the crops were really super viable. In order for this to be a legal Hemp Plant, the plant can contain at most .3% THC (which is the chemical responsible for getting you “high.”) The range of CBD in each plant will vary because it is a naturally occurring plant, but it also varies between types or strains of the Industrial Hemp Plant. Inside the Young Sim 10 Industrial Hemp plant, you get between 10-14% CBD.

When you are looking at a hemp flower, you may see a trimmed or non-trimmed plant. The non-trimmed hemp flower looks like it has small leaves on it, however the trimmed flower looks like it is just a small stalk with tiny “buds” coming off of it.

Things to keep in mind about the trimmed vs non-trimmed hemp flower. The trimmed flower is very labor intensive. That’s because each hemp plant has a LOT of buds on it. Each bud, as you can see is small, usually smaller than the palm of a person’s hand. Now, some of the bigger farmers can use machines to trim the plant (usually the plants get tossed around, then the leaves fall off) In this mechanical process, not all of the leaves come off, and sometimes some bud comes off. With the Martin Farms, Young Sim 10 Hemp Plant, however, all of the flower was hand-trimmed. This means that each plant had a person’s hands on it with scissors cutting off the leaves to leave you the most bud.

Another interesting fact about the Trimmed vs non-trimmed flower is that when you have a trimmed flower, the smoking experience is considered smoother. That means it is easier to smoke and likely won’t cause as much initial reaction. (meaning, you hopefully won’t cough as much –at least for me it was coughing!)

If you are interested in learning some more about CBD, hemp, the flower, and different products be sure you subscribe to this channel where we will try to educate you and offer you great products to help you to live your best life.

If you’d like to try some of the Martin Farms hemp flower, check out: www.thrivehempstore.com/shop

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